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I. Holden
Cincinnati, OH

Company name:
BlueSky Software

07/24/2011 7:57 AM

This company being related to the "Company Corporation" has hidden charges when a customer wants to use the "Company corporation" to start a company.

They file the proper papers to start the company, but hide charges from the consumer that they must continue to pay due to the Corporation Service Company being the salutary agent.

Their charges are not apparent. They claim that by checking a "terms of aggrement" that person aggreed to pay ongoing charges. This is not appearent when filling out various e-pages that do discribe the charges of creating the corperation, but NEVER say anyting about ongoing service charges. I would consider this "Hidden" and therefore void.

After contacting a representitive of the "Company Corperation" about the bill I received, I was told that if I found someone else to be the salutary agent they would pro-rate the amount time they were the salutary agent and only bill me for that time. I did that. I again contacted the "Company Corperation" telling them I had a new salutary agent via voice mail on two occations. No responce. And I still receive a bill for the full amount.

I also requested proof that I agreed to these charges as I was unable to location on their web site how this charge was agreed apon by anyone using their services to create a corporation. No responce.

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